Matt, 21st Apr 2016 (updated 16th Jun 2023)

The Pint Shop is a really pleasant bar with a slightly rustic feel to it mixed with a healthy dose of hipster. The bar serves Vagabond and sometimes Nene Valley beer too (they also have a ridiculous gin selection, if that floats your boat). The restaurant doesn't have a specific gluten-free menu but the servers are knowledgeable and the food is excellent quality.

Mr.G, 30th Oct 2016

Really nice vibe in this establishment. Always seems busy and usually has one or two GF beers on tap. Sometimes too busy to get a seat straightaway. Friendly, knowledgable staff. If the beer were cheaper it be 5 stars.

Will_D, 29th May 2016

I'm known as perhaps a little bit grumpy and hard to impress, but this place is a phenomenon - genuinely one of the best 10 bars I've been to worldwide. Knowledgable about GF options, too - get involved.

Disclaimer: This place has been added by our community as somewhere that offers gluten free stuff. However, sometimes people make mistakes or things change; always check that your food / drink / whatever is gluten free before sticking it in your mouth.