Rachel_M, 28th Jul 2017

Delicious gluten free pizza, gluten free beer aaaaand great value for money! 😃🎉

Matt, 6th Jul 2017

It's always reassuring to see GF items on a menu, especially when you're in a foreign town. Villa Aranci is a simple restaurant with very good value food. We only spotted pizza in the 'senza glutine' section, but that was fine with me... when in Rome and all that! I also had my first ever Tennents GF beer 🍻 which was quite amusing considering how far from Scotland this restaurant is. If you're up this end of Lake Garda then it's definitely worth checking out Villa Aranci for a good value gluten free pizza. 🍕

Lois_L, 13th May 2016

Gluten free pizza and beer (peroni). They make the gf pizzas in a separate oven - added bonus being that the service is a lot quicker if you are gf as there's often no queue for the gf oven! Pizzas were delicious - crust wasn't hard or chewy like some other places.

Disclaimer: This place has been added by our community as somewhere that offers gluten free stuff. However, sometimes people make mistakes or things change; always check that your food / drink / whatever is gluten free before sticking it in your mouth.