Lois_L, 16th Jul 2016

Staff are really knowledgeable about allergies - I phoned up before going to check if they did gf food and was passed on to Beth, their ' allergy champion'. I booked a table over the phone too and they made a note that I was gluten free. When we arrived they had a sheet of allergen info ready for me - the kind that lists every dish on the menu and marks whether or not you can have it depending on your allergy. Not as good as having it marked on the actual menu, but it does the job. There were a couple of gf starters, about 4 mains, and 2 desserts to choose from. I had the harissa lamb for main and the cheesecake for dessert - both delicious. The restaurant is really nice too and good service - a great place to take guests.

Disclaimer: This place has been added by our community as somewhere that offers gluten free stuff. However, sometimes people make mistakes or things change; always check that your food / drink / whatever is gluten free before sticking it in your mouth.