Rachel_M, 1st Dec 2016

You can order a quarter, half or whole chicken, and there are various sauces. The chicken tasted good but I find it hard work eating chicken off the bone and as such didn't get much from it. Can't have any of the deep fried options as it's a contaminated fryer. The potato side I had was very oily. The venue is decent decor however tables are pretty close together which meant little privacy and also a big squeeze to get in to the seat!

Matt, 26th Nov 2016

Nice wholesome chicken restaurant which reminds me a little of Bird restaurant in London 🍗 . They only have one frier so make sure you don't order any of the fried items as they won't be gluten free (e.g. The chips and some chicken dishes). There is an extensive selection of ciders on the menu, so you won't be going home thirsty (or sober).

Disclaimer: This place has been added by our community as somewhere that offers gluten free stuff. However, sometimes people make mistakes or things change; always check that your food / drink / whatever is gluten free before sticking it in your mouth.