Rachel_M, 28th Jul 2017

For the amount of beers they had, the gluten free selection was very poor. The place was full of men, groups of guys, stag parties. Not a nice atmosphere. Nb they only accept payment by cash.

Matt, 1st Jul 2017

Considering that the entrance to this place is a corridor of beer bottles, it is a little disappointing that the only gluten free beers they have is 2 flavours of Mongozo. It was a pretty rowdy place with goups of 'lads' and also an obnoxius man with a horn. The only redeeming feature is a nice view over the canal, but I definitely won't go back.

Disclaimer: This place has been added by our community as somewhere that offers gluten free stuff. However, sometimes people make mistakes or things change; always check that your food / drink / whatever is gluten free before sticking it in your mouth.